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5 Easy Tips for Healthy Eating for People on the Go

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Healthy Eating

We have all heard the recommendations for healthy eating, and for the most part we know an apple is better for you than a chocolate bar.

When clients come to my gym in Grimsby for help they all say the same thing “my life is busy – I don’t have time for healthy eating”. My response to them is “you do have time and I will show you how”. I have included 5 easy tips to get you started on your healthy eating journey!

Carry Healthy Snacks

Whenever I go out I always ensure I pack a healthy snack with me, I also have snacks tucked away in my purse or in my car for emergencies. Snacks can include nuts, fruit, homemade protein bars lettuce chicken wraps or a protein shake.

Prep Healthy Meals

Meal Prep is key! If you spend time prepping your meals, what you are eating becomes automatic. Get in the habit of prepping your meals when you get home from the grocery store. Plan, shop and prep! Make it a routine. If it is a routine you will be more likely to follow the plan and eat what you have made! No one wants to waste food!!!

Build a structured eating plan

I am here to support you in doing this. If what you eat becomes automatic you are less likely to slip up. Please do not wing your plan! Planning and building in what and when you are going to eat will put you on a path to success.

Dining out is not an Excuse to Eat Bad Food

LIfe is busy, you are going to eat out at some point. Whenever I go out I am always temped to eat the “worst” menu item. Do you want to know what? Sometime I eat it! This is life and we need to live. With that being said, I don’t do it all the time. I know when I can afford to have a cheat meal. I also have some fast food items in my back pocket if I am in a crunch. I know that the local starbucks in Grimsby has 2 items on their menu that work within my diet. There is also a local burger place that I can get a grilled chicken lettuce wrap! These are options that are not “cheats” and work within my diet! This is a lifestyle and a way of life, I want you to enjoy yourself.

Use Positive Distractions

Sometimes you’re going to feel hungry when it still isn’t time to eat. These are the times when you need to use positive distractions. Do a little exercise, or a quick brain game. Maybe meditate, or grab a little fresh air. Distract yourself for a few minutes then go back to what you were doing. Sometimes boredom manifests at hunger because we just want to get away for a little while.

You Got This!
– Christa