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Thank you for taking the first step in your journey to better health!

My name is Christa Baker. I am a busy mother of two beautiful girls, a business owner and a wife to my amazing husband (who happens to be a shift worker), life is busy!

My passion is to educate and motivate people to a healthier version of themselves.

I am honoured when clients decide to work with me, I use my big heart and vast knowledge to support them one step at a time to ensure they reach their goal. I specialize in functional training (which is a fancy way of saying, I help you look, feel and move better). Over the past 15 years I have trained hundreds of clients, from athletes to seniors with mobility issues pre and post natal and of course to busy parents looking to put themselves back on the schedule.  Regardless of who you are I am committed to getting you to your goal and then maintaining those results.

Regardless of your health status it is never too late to start your fitness journey.

What is Functional Strength Personalized? This is my passion and my business.  I want to support my clients in a Functional way, based off of what they experience in their everyday lives.  I want my clients to show their Strength in everything they do so whatever life throws at them, they are prepared. I Personalize solutions for my clients. What is right for them may not be right for the person sitting beside them. I will work with my clients to find the right solution to achieve their goals.

If you are ready to improve your health, I am ready to support you with my knowledge and passion to achieve your goals.

Christa Baker


– Christa Baker


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Our Trainers

In addition to Christa, FSP clients can also receive coaching from our training team.

Nick Poloniato
Nick Poloniato

Nick Poloniato

FSP Personal Trainer

Hello, My name is Nick Poloniato and I am an Olympic Athlete, Strength Coach and aspiring firefighter. I have been a high performance athlete for the last 15 years of my life, competing in football, soccer, track and field and now currently bobsleigh. Studying business at Bishops Universtiy in Lennoxville, Quebec and playing Football for the Bishops Gaiters, my dreams were to play in the CFL. After my final season a devastating injury put all that on hold. A broken leg that took a lot of time to rehab opened a new sporting door of Bobsleigh. The adrenaline and speed had me hooked, and a new journey begun, a journey that was extremely important in shaping the person I am today, and that also brought me to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games representing Canada at the highest level of sport.

Taking care of my body and helping others take care of theirs has always been a huge part of my life. We only have one body, so it’s extremely important to take care of it. I love working with all types of people and sharing my wealth of knowledge that I have soaked up over my years in sport and the high performance community. Having worked in the Strength and Conditioning field for the past 8 years, I have worked with amateur, high school, university/college, and professional athletes. Through proper nutrition, training programs and mental performance coaching they have surpassed their goals and achieved amazing results. Sharing my knowledge and tactics I have learned over my sporting career has been so gratifying to me, I love helping people reach their fitness and life goals and I look forward to helping you reach yours.

Our Credentials

  • Canfit Pro PTS
  • Sivananda Hatha Yoga Instructor
  • P3 Yoga for Athletes
  • DTS Olympic Lifting Level 1
  • DTS Mobility and Program Design
  • DTS Hard style Kettlebell
  • DTS Lean Body Coach
  • ISI Functional Medicine
  • GL Boot Camp
  • Poliquin Biosignature Level 1
  • HK Exercise & Parkinson’s Disease
  • ICS Fitness and Nutrition
  • CPR C