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What is online training? Why you need it!

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Online Training

Online training is a relatively new form of personal training.

Clients are realizing the benefits of online training and it is becoming more popular. I have answered some frequently asked questions below.

What is online training?

As an online trainer I support you and your fitness and health goals virtually.  I provide you with the same services that you would receive in person but I just do it online.

What are the benefits?

Online trainers are more economical than having a session in person.  Please look at my cost page to find rates – however you can get a month of fitness and nutrition support for the cost of 3 of my in person sessions.

Access – You have access to your workouts 24/7, you can email me at any time, and we schedule phone calls to discuss progress.

How do I know how to do the exercise?

You gain exclusive use of a mobile app that shows you how to do every exercise that I prescribe.

Hiring a personal trainer is an exciting and challenging time, you need to make sure the trainer is the right fit for you.  Doing online training, is a great way to get your feet wet and find support in your fitness journey.

You Got This,
– Christa